Help Your Customers Win the War Against Attrition

Help Your Customers Win the War Against Attrition

Losing superstar employees is not a fact of life– it’s a choice companies are making when they bury their head in the sand about employee retention. Why do otherwise smart, savvy business leaders allow expensive and disruptive employee attrition slow down their businesses?

Leaders and managers feel like they’re bending over backwards trying to accommodate skyrocketing wages, new standards for flexibility, and helping employees develop their careers.

Still, losing talented employees is an all-too-common occurrence.

The True Cost of Turnover

Employee turnover has “soft” costs, like blows to employee morale and feelings of chaos within the organization. Attrition also seriously impacts a business’ bottom line.

In 2022, the average salary for a Level 2 Engineer was $63,835 – $82,073, according to Bowman Williams. For this example, let’s say an engineer is making $70,000 when he quits. That means the cost of replacing him, training the replacement, and getting back to the level of productivity from before that engineer left could range from $35,000-$140,000. Imagine you have a customer who has 5 employees quit at that salary range. They just lost anywhere from $175,000-$700,000. This is a huge pain point for the businesses your MSP serves, especially SMBs.

When an MSP’s hardware becomes outdated or overloaded, there are warning signs and protocols. Business owners don’t have that luxury with their people.

New tools and ways of approaching the remote or hybrid workplace are needed more than ever. Now that many leaders don’t have their employees in sight, they need new ways to connect with their employees’ work experiences. MSPs can now help their customers take data-supported steps to slow employee attrition through Zorus.

How can MSPs help their customers with the enormous problem of employee attrition? Know the facts, crunch the numbers, and bring your customer an easy-to-deploy solution. When business leaders have insight into their people, they can take actionable, data-supported steps to keep them.

Through Zorus Engagement, business owners have instant access to their people data. They can identify trends, spot problems before they become insurmountable, and rest easy knowing that their MSP is there to support them with these crucial insights.

In a remote or hybrid work environment where people and teams can feel fragmented, quick and easy people data is a lifesaver. It helps leaders take the critical steps to supporting their best employees, and building a stronger team than ever.

Our software can help you approach your customer as a business partner with real insight into the problems that harm their business. You can be the MSP that offers more than tech– you offer solutions and smart long-term business strategy. Read on to find out how to help your customers tackle turnover for good.

How to Stop Good Employees From Quitting

It is possible to catch great employees before they head out the door. In fact, it’s easy once you know what employees are looking for, and how to be proactive about giving it to them.

Proactive Recognition

Simple acknowledgment and recognition goes a long way to making employees feel valued at work. According to a survey of 1,500 working Americans, 63% of workers who feel recognized at work are very unlikely to pursue a new job. Not only can recognition slow down attrition, it will improve organizational output; 40% of workers said they would put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often.

When an MSP deploys Zorus for their customers, they can give them the people data they need to be proactive about employee recognition. It makes it easier than ever to identify and reward the stand-out workers, and empower them in their careers. Our dashboards make the data easy to visualize and understand, even for less tech-savvy business owners. 

Proactive Rest

Organizations that ensure employee rest is available, accessible, and appropriate, employees perform at a 26% higher level. Businesses that bake proactive rest into their organization will find that only 2% of their employees are burned out.

WIth Zorus, businesses will no longer have to wonder which employees are in danger of burning out; they’ll know for sure. It’s easy to look at the data and see when someone is giving up their nights and weekends for work. Leaders can make sure these hard workers get the support and rest they need to improve their own wellness and the company’s operational maturity.

Be a Proactive Partner with Your Customers

At the end of the day, business owners aren’t looking for tech– they’re looking for solutions to their problems. When your MSP steps up with information and solutions, they’ll see you as more than an SLA, they’ll see you as a partner.

When you bring Zorus Engagement to your customers as a solution to their people problems, you show them that you understand and care about their business. You understand their pain points, and you’re proactive about helping them find solutions. Elevate your MSP to a crucial partner in their business, helping both of your businesses flourish.

​​People data is crucial to building proactive management practices in remote and hybrid workplaces. Your MSP could be the first to bring the newest, best solution for people data to your customer. Schedule a demo of our transformative technology here.

Our mission at Zorus is to make it easy for MSPs to be proactive partners in their clients’ businesses. We can help you uplevel your service offering and your value proposition quickly, easily, and efficiently. Learn more about Zorus Engagement here.

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