Zorus Network Security Release Webinar

Zorus Network Security Release Webinar

MSPs have been dealing with medieval filtering solutions for decades. Zorus, the channel exclusive software company, offers an innovative solution with device-based security and content filtering that gives deeper insight than your typical filtering product.

Zorus believes that device level filtering is the most hassle free filtering solution, but we understand it’s not always possible to live on the device. Hearing the need for a high quality network filter, we’ve developed Zorus Network Security to help fill in the gaps on networks you may need to keep secure, but don’t manage the connecting devices.

This webinar, hosted by Woman of the Channel, Kate Trojanowski, Zorus Director of Product, and Brett Cheloff, Zorus Senior Vice President of Product & Engineering, explains the in’s and out’s of the product and goes into a detailed q&a with MSPs that were able to attend the live event!

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