Ep: 3 – Global Endpoints, with Jake Not from State Farm

Ep: 3 – Global Endpoints, with Jake Not from State Farm

Join Kate Trojanowski, Zorus’ VP of Product and Engineering, as she navigates through an entertainingly uncomfortable interview with Jake Homberg (definitely not Jake from State Farm) about our latest and greatest feature: Global Endpoints.

Dive deep into the world of our newest update, all while navigating the delightful discomfort of our unique interview style, inspired by “Between Two Ferns.”

👩‍💼 Meet Kate Trojanowski – Spearheading our product and engineering efforts with a twist of humor.

👨‍💻 Featuring Jake Homberg – Not your average engineer, and certainly not the one you’re thinking of, here to shed light on how Global Endpoints will revolutionize the way you work.

Why Watch?

Exclusive Insights: Be the first to get the inside scoop on Global Endpoints and how it can benefit you.

Unmatched Entertainment: Who said product updates have to be dry? Enjoy tech talk that’s actually fun to watch.

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