Case Study: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Case Study: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Lisa Niekamp-Urwin

President and CEO of Tomorrow’s Technology Today

How Zorus Filtering with CyberSight gave TTechT a truly MSP-friendly platform, a better solution for their customers and the vendor support they deserved.

The problem

LinkedIn is a place to share think pieces and brag about promotions. But a platform for customer support? No thank you. 

Unfortunately, when Lisa Niekamp-Urwin had questions for her previous DNS vendors, that’s where she had to turn. She couldn’t reach them anywhere else. 

Tier 1 triage problems? The TTechT team could easily handle those. But with more sophisticated, complex issues, it took forever to reach the vendor’s engineers. So Lisa took matters into her own hands and tracked down the company’s VP on LinkedIn. Awkward

Needless to say, Lisa wanted a solution with real, timely customer support. At the same time, her team also needed a better security framework for clients. With more end-users working from home post-COVID-19, TTechT wanted to ensure everyone was protected. 

The solution

Lisa decided to integrate Zorus Filtering with CyberSight into TTechT’s standard security stack. Since Zorus is a device-based DNS filtering platform, this meant TTechT could provide top-notch protection for customers — without having to change any DNS settings. That meant no worries about breaking their internet. Giant sigh of relief

After implementation, Lisa also took advantage of Zorus’ accessible leadership team for fast, knowledgeable support when complex problems popped up.

The outcome

With Zorus by their side, Lisa and the TTechT team can now spend less time hunting down customer support and more time focused on their clients’ success.  

No more LinkedIn stalking

With Zorus, Lisa no longer has to rely on searching LinkedIn for customer support. 

Now, if there’s an issue, she reaches out directly to Zorus. And — the best part — they actually respond. Fast.

“Zorus is the kind of vendor that really is your partner. With any issues we’ve had, the support from the Zorus team has been excellent — and fast. The people that jump on those tickets are very knowledgeable.”

— Lisa Niekamp-Urwin, President and CEO of Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Better protection, smoother sailing for clients

Lisa now has total peace of mind that her clients are safe with Zorus. The DNS filtering actually works — and routinely stops potentially dangerous traffic. 

Another major perk is Zorus’ “unblock” requests. These let users visit blocked pages that they need to access to get their jobs done. 

Zorus’ activity monitoring features have also been an important boost for TTechT. Now, Lisa and her techs can keep track of user behavior. With better visibility, TTechT can better prepare for how to protect users in the future.

A platform designed for MSPs

No. Changing. DNS. Settings. And the crowd sang hallelujah. 

Obviously, Zorus’ easy implementation was a big plus for Lisa and her team. But they also appreciated how overall “MSP-friendly” the solution is. Features were made with techs in mind. No frills, no over-complication. 

Zorus connects directly to the MSP’s RMM, and deployments take just a few minutes (compared to up to 45 minutes with other platforms). 

“In today’s IT world, software developers and service providers have to be MSP-friendly. These platforms need to be structured well so MSPs can actually use them — without wasting their time.”

— Lisa Niekamp-Urwin, President and CEO of Tomorrow’s Technology Today

An innovative partner that values growth

No technology solution should remain static. The cybersecurity landscape is always evolving — and security platforms need to keep up.

Since working with Zorus, Lisa has valued the company’s commitment to innovation. The current solutions have been great for her team. But with new, improved features on the horizon, Lisa is confident the partnership will keep growing.

“Zorus is great at communicating the solutions they have now and the ones that are coming in the future. They consistently do what they say they’re going to do, so we feel like we can trust their features.”

— Lisa Niekamp-Urwin, President and CEO of Tomorrow’s Technology Today

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