Archaic DNS

Is your DNS filter
stuck in the past?

In the war against cybersecurity threats, MSPs have their choice in weapons.

Outdated options like DNSFilter, Cisco Umbrella, Webroot DNS, or WebTitan are like using a bow and arrow when you have access to a blaster.

Risking internet outages and tinkering with DNS settings belongs in history books.

Your clients should enjoy protection without the internet breaking. With our cutting-edge endpoint-level filtering, you can say bye to frustrating downtime and irritated clients.

Enjoy seamless protection designed to work harmoniously with existing setups and protection that travels with the device.


Actionable insights to enhance your service offerings

Unlike network-level filtering that only shows query counts, our solution allows you to gather granular data about who accessed specific websites or applications and for how long because we filter at the endpoint level. This actionable intelligence provides you with invaluable knowledge, enabling you to deliver better security and tailored services to your clients.

Discover the Power of Endpoint-Level Protection and Actionable Intelligence

Step into the Future with Zorus

Founded in 2017 by former Datto technology executives, Zorus brings together a seasoned team of technology leaders with proven experience building and deploying enterprise-grade technologies for small and mid-size businesses.

Zorus is focused exclusively on developing innovative new technologies for the IT channel. We provide best-in-class cybersecurity products to MSP partners to help them grow their business and protect their clients. 


Here’s what you can expect with stone-age network filtering from the other guys:

DNSFilter: Outdated and Overrated Down Arrow

We’ll start here with a competitor who does offer a few of the features that Zorus does. Like Zorus, DNSFilter offers white-glove support, roaming protection, URL risk scoring, and scheduled reporting. The founding team at DNSFilter also has deep channel experience– but that’s also exactly where the differences end.

Zorus continues to be a channel-only product, with a roadmap driven by our MSP partners. Meanwhile, DNS Filter has stepped outside of the channel, and is getting left in the dust. Our reporting, integrations, and development are continually widening the gap between DNS Filter and Zorus. We have nearly 5x the content categories (Zorus: 173 vs DNS Filter: 37). We also offer full white-labeling and end-user access to make it easy for MSPs to talk to their clients about security.

Zorus helps MSPs provide better-than-enterprise-grade security, with prices and services that are geared toward improving an MSP’s bottom line.

Cisco Umbrella: Enterprise-Sized Problems Down Arrow

The thing about huge vendors with a zillion products? They are unwieldy and resistant to change. Not what you want in a world where threats and challenges are changing every day.

When you consider deploying Cisco Umbrella vs Zorus, it pays dividends to go with people who are relentlessly focused on security for MSPs. Being a channel-only vendor is baked into the Zorus business model. Cisco Umbrella doesn’t– and can’t– offer the same level of protection and service that Zorus can.

We are responsive to our partners, providing white glove support, full white-labeling, and end-user access. Cisco Umbrella does not offer the same level of service, or the same level of security. Our product roadmap is a true collaboration between our team and our MSP partners. If you want security that grows with you, from a vendor who is obsessed with the needs of MSPs, you’ll want to go with Zorus.

Webroot DNS: Stuck in the Past Down Arrow

We believe that making a policy change should be easy– and fast. You don’t want your policy to be stuck in the past. You have enough to keep track of. You shouldn’t have to worry about if or when a policy change comes through.

Webroot DNS takes on average 30 minutes for policy changes to be updated. In some cases, people have waited up to 72 hours. To us, that’s unacceptable. Your security product should be as nimble as you are.

Another thing to consider in the battle of Webroot DNS vs Zorus is that we offer advanced alerting and more than twice the content categories. When it comes to security, we believe that if you’re not ahead, you’re behind. Webroot DNS is behind the curve in more ways than one.

WebTitan: Remember the Titans? They’re Ancient. Literally. Down Arrow

And WebTitan lives up to the name. Number of content categories in WebTitan vs Zorus: 53 vs 173. You read that right– Zorus has more than 3x the content categories that WebTitan does. That’s because our team is constantly working on improvements and adding categories. Resting on laurels is for ancient Greek gods– not for a next-gen security company like Zorus.

The differences between Zorus and WebTitan don’t stop there. WebTitan doesn’t offer nearly the same level of service and ease of use for MSP clients. Being a channel-only company like Zorus means that we are committed to white-glove support for our MSP partners, in addition to full white-labeling and end-user access.

Zorus is relentlessly protecting the future of MSPs. Our security and service leave WebTitan in the ancient past.

Join the ranks of forward-thinking MSPs who have embraced the future of web filtering.

“Easy to deploy, easy to manage. Doesn’t break your environment like traditional DNS filtering. Cost effective as well!”

-Brian D’Arcy, CMIT Solutions

“The level of deep analysis, web security and control was like nothing we’ve seen before. Deployment was really simple."

-Ben Filippelli, Level 5 Management