Ep: 6 – Get Comfy with Zorus APIs


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Ep: 6 – Get Comfy with Zorus APIs

Tune in to a special episode of Between Two Keyboards as Kate Trojanowski and a curiously shoeless Brandon Hood, lead engineer, introduce the highly-anticipated Zorus APIs. It’s comfort meets cutting-edge technology, and yes, it’s as awkward as it sounds. Episode Highlights: 🧦 Ease of Integration: Explore how our APIs ensure seamless integration with Zorus, symbolized […]

Ep: 5 – MF-AYE with Zorus’ resident nuclear engineer, Adam

In this episode of Between Two Keyboards, Kate Trojanowski sits down with Adam, a former nuclear engineer turned software engineer at Zorus. They discuss the exciting launch of our newest platform feature: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), because why use one password when you could use 12? What’s on the Agenda? MFA Update: Discover how MFA is […]

Ep: 4 – Full URL Traffic Logs, with Zorus’ Partner Guru, Max

Join Kate Trojanowski, Zorus’ VP of Product and Engineering, as she navigates an entertainingly awkward interview with Max Ruhnke, Zorus’ Partner Guru (officially known as the Director of Partner Success)—about our latest feature: Full URL Traffic Logs. Explore Zorus’ latest updates, all while navigating the awkwardness inspired by Between Two Ferns. 👩‍💼 Meet Kate Trojanowski: […]

Ep: 3 – Global Endpoints, with Jake Not from State Farm

Join Kate Trojanowski, Zorus’ VP of Product and Engineering, as she navigates through an entertainingly uncomfortable interview with Jake Homberg (definitely not Jake from State Farm) about our latest and greatest feature: Global Endpoints. Dive deep into the world of our newest update, all while navigating the delightful discomfort of our unique interview style, inspired […]

Ep: 2 – Report Scheduler Feature, with Troy (Andy) Anderson

Get ready for another hilariously awkward episode of Between Two Keyboards, where Kate Trojanowski, our VP of Product & Engineering at Zorus, takes you behind the scenes of the Zorus Filtering with Cybersight™ platform. In this must-watch episode, Kate sits down with the talented and somewhat elusive Troy (Andy) Anderson, a talented developer from our […]

Ep: 1 – First One!

Join Kate Trojanowski, VP of Product and Engineering, in our new series, Between Two Keyboards. In Episode 1, Kate walks you through our latest software release for macOS. What’s Inside Episode 1? What as Kate shares info on our macOS release, spicing it up with some humor. Expect awkward moments, laughs, and the latest news […]