LP – Umbrella vs. Zorus

Zorus Filtering vs Cisco Umbrella

In a head-to-head comparison with leading web security solutions, Zorus Filtering comes out ahead in security, usability and bottom-line value to MSPs.

Zorus Filtering vs CISCO UMBRELLA
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Built for MSPs

Zorus products are designed with the needs of MSPs in mind. Cloud-based solutions with effortless setup and management assure lower staff utilization, workloads, and equipment costs, resulting in better returns on profitability.

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The Best Technology

Traditional DNS filtering technology is an inelegant solution for the requirements of the modern workforce. Zorus’ Filtering is agent based and lives on the device.

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Powerful Reporting

Deliver a better customer experieince with custom reporting. Reports can be set up, scheduled, and white-labeled with just a few clicks. Now you’re the hero, and your client doesn’t even know that we’re doing all the work.

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Better User Experience

The interface is designed for an effective and enjoyable user experience. Easily configure a large set of user policies and view traffic activity for an entire organization at-a-glance.

Get faster, more granular web filtering

If you’re an MSP considering a web filtering solution as part of your cybersecurity stack, you’re already ahead of the game. But not all web filtering is created equal.

Most modern web security solutions rely on DNS at the network level as the benchmark for web filtering. However, with today’s advanced threats like ransomware and hybrid workforce, that approach has numerous shortcomings.

That’s why Zorus takes a device-level, web filtering approach and in a head-to-head comparison against others, Filtering leads the way in security, ease-of-use and bottomline value to MSPs.


Web Filtering & Security


Device-Based Filtering (No DNS Changes)

Real Time Updates

Role Based Policies

Unblock Request

GeoIP Blocking

Contextual Logs

Data & Reporting

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Unlimited Timeline Activity Logs

90-Day Traffic Log Access

Data CSV Exports


MSP Channel Only

Multi-tenant Platform

RMM Deployment Integrations

Full Whitelabeling

End User Access

Contract-Free Billing

White Glove Support Included

"Filtering not only comes with state-of-the-art threat intelligence, but it offers employee productivity monitoring and more granular reporting data. I use it to have regular conversations with my clients.”

-Josh Wilson, PushMotion LLC

“When we were able to demo Zorus we saw a huge difference immediately. The level of deep analysis, web security and control was like nothing we’ve seen before. Deployment was really simple.”

-Ben Filippelli, Level 5 Management