Case Study: CMIT Solutions

Case Study: CMIT Solutions

Brian D’Arcy

VP of IT Services, CMIT Solutions

How CMIT Solutions found a DNS filtering platform that fit seamlessly with their existing tools, and protected clients — without breaking their internet.

The problem

Smack: That’s the sound of Brian D’Arcy and his team at CMIT Solutions hitting a wall after losing their DNS filtering solution. 

The vendor they’d previously worked with was bought up by an IT giant — and let’s just say service went downhill. Unfortunately, finding a replacement started to feel like a dead end.

To fill the gap, Brian looked into a lot of different DNS products. But nothing fit that Goldilocks window of being exactly what he needed. 

Some were too noisy. Some generated too many support tickets (because they broke a lot of stuff Brian’s team had already put in place. Eye roll.) Some didn’t work well with Active Directory or VPNs. 

But as Brian trial-and-errored his way through DNS solutions on the market, his clients still needed protection. He needed to fill this gap — fast

The solution

Instead of flying blind, Brian tapped his extensive IT network. After making some calls, there seemed to be a consensus: try Zorus Filtering with CyberSight.

Brian integrated Zorus directly with CMIT Solutions’ RMM. The tool immediately started filtering — no extra changes or rerouting required. 

The outcome

With Zorus as part of its security stack, CMIT Solutions can now rest easy knowing that clients are getting the protection they need and deserve. They also love how easy Zorus is to use. 

Simple install

The first step of a tool actually making your life easier: getting the thing hooked up and turned on. 

Anyone who’s ever organized dozens of screws to build an IKEA dresser knows how time-consuming and annoying a complex set-up can be. Luckily, CMIT Solutions got Zorus running within seconds. 

Their clients were protected — immediately.

“Installing and managing Zorus is just a piece of cake. It’s so simple: Install it, push it through your RMM tool with whatever configuration you want, and it just works.”

— Brian D’Arcy, VP of IT Services at CMIT Solutions

No more worries about breaking the internet

Let’s be honest: DNS filtering can really suck sometimes. When MSPs have to make additional DNS changes or reroutes, or use VPNs to get things to work correctly, they waste a lot of time. Inevitably, important settings get messed up. And clients are left unprotected.

But Brian was thrilled at how much less DNS filtering sucked with Zorus. The solution plays nice with VPNs, Active Directory and custom DNS implementations. Easy and painless.

Practice what they preach

CMIT Solutions has a simple motto: “Stay up. Stay running. Stay protected. No matter what.” 

That’s much easier to do with a reliable DNS filtering solution on their side. Downtime is practically nonexistent when installation only takes a couple of seconds. 

With tools like Zorus whirring smoothly in the background, CMIT Solutions keeps their clients protected. No matter what. 

Top-notch customer support 

Brian loves how easy it is to access the Zorus team for help. Plus, if there’s a highly technical problem, it’s quick and easy to get a pro on the line.

“When I ask a question, the people in the chat are smart enough to know when something needs to go higher up the ladder. They’ll get a developer involved straightaway. When we’ve had problems, solutions have always been immediate with Zorus.”

— Brian D’Arcy, VP of IT Services at CMIT Solutions

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