Zorus Partner Testimonial: Marcos Athanasoulis, MPH, Dr.PH with CredibleMind


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Zorus Partner Testimonial: Marcos Athanasoulis, MPH, Dr.PH with CredibleMind

Join us for an insightful conversation with Marcos Athanasoulis, MPH, Dr.PH from CredibleMind, Inc., a valued Zorus partner. In this video, Marcos shares how CredibleMind, an online mental health platform, successfully passed their recent security review with flying colors. Thanks to the Zorus filtering with CyberSightTM platform, and their overall cybersecurity stack, they achieved the […]

Zorus Product Roadmap Q2: 2024

See what the future has in store for the Zorus Filtering with CyberSight™ platform in our upcoming Q2 2024 Product Roadmap Webinar! Join us as we build on our exciting Q1 achievements with new advancements set to redefine cybersecurity standards.

Zero Trust Revolution: Securing the Future with Zorus

In the world of cybersecurity & digital threats, where trust is a commodity as rare as a straightforward Terms of Service agreement, strategies must evolve to include more proactive approaches, not just reactive. Zero Trust is about verifying everything first, rather than automatically trusting, ensuring a secure environment without creating undue suspicion. This is cybersecurity’s […]

Mastering Proactive Security: Left of Boom Strategies with Zorus & Phin

Missed our live event? No worries! Catch up on the insightful webinar, “Mastering Proactive Security: Left of Boom Strategies with Zorus & Phin,” presented by Phin Security CEO, Connor Swalm, and Zorus CEO, Brett Cheloff. During the webinar, they shared invaluable insights on staying ahead in the ever-evolving world of cyber security. Explore the fundamentals […]

Right Of Boom – Mar 6-8, 2023 – Las Vegas, NV

Elevate your cybersecurity strategy by visiting the Zorus booth at Right of Boom. MSPs, discover how our device-based DNS filtering and CyberSight analytics can reshape your approach to client protection. Uncover the power to stay ahead in the cybersecurity game — join us at the tradeshow!

XChange – Mar 3-5, 2023 – Orlando, FL

Dive into the world of advanced cybersecurity solutions with Zorus at XChange on Mar 3-5, 2023 in Orlando, FL. If you’re an MSP, our booth is the place to be. Explore how our innovative DNS filtering and CyberSight insights can elevate your security game. Don’t miss out — swing by and secure your clients’ digital […]

Zero Trust World – Feb 26-28, 2023 – Orlando, FL

Stop by our booth at ThreatLocker’s Zero Trust World to discover how Zorus is revolutionizing cybersecurity for MSPs. Learn about our device-based DNS filtering and CyberSight behavioral analytics, ensuring your clients’ security in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Zorus Product Roadmap Q1: 2024

Welcome to the recorded session of our latest Quarterly Product Roadmap Webinar for Zorus! Dive into the future of our technology with in-depth insights into the most recent updates and a forward look at the exciting features we’re working on.

Interview with Ann Westerheim

Learn more about Ann Westerheim on Her Journey, Dedication to SMBs, & Her New Book!

Holidaze 2023

For 10 business days, MSPs in the U.S., Canada (excluding Quebec), and the U.K. from Nov. 27 – Dec. 15, you can win prizes like gift cards, travel vouchers, tech gadgets, and more! Channel Program will have two sponsors and two prizes per day, which will be drawn at random, give away $20,000+ worth of […]

Unmasking the Art of Social Engineering: Safeguarding Against Cyber Threats with DNS Protection

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, there’s a formidable threat that doesn’t involve sophisticated coding or complex software vulnerabilities. It’s called social engineering, and cybercriminals that use these methods are as stealthy as they are persuasive. This sneaky tactic involves manipulating individuals to gain access to sensitive information or systems. While traditional security measures have […]

Zorus Product Roadmap Q4: 2023

Get an insider look at our Partner Product Roadmap for 2023!

Case Study: Ekaru & Cybersecurity for Main Street

Ann Westerheim is a doer. The author of “Cybersecurity for Main Street,” Ann makes continuing contributions to her industry through active participation in the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) and through serving on the Advisory Councils of industry-leading providers ConnectWise, Scalepad, and ThreatLocker. She also serves on the Lemelson-MIT program screening committee, as well as […]

Navigating Automation’s Impact on the MSP Community

Zorus’ Brett Cheloff & Taylor Business Group’s Ken Patterson are partnering up to discuss how the industry’s drive towards automation has affected MSP’s relationships with their clients.

Zorus Filtering with CyberSight: Transforming Cybersecurity with User Behavioral Analytics

Product Updateby Kate Trojanowski In an era defined by digital connections and the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the demand for robust cybersecurity solutions has never been more pressing. Enter Zorus Filtering with CyberSight – a groundbreaking device-based web filtering innovation that not only shields against online risks but also leverages user behavioral analytics to […]

Zorus Product Roadmap Q3: 2023

Get an insider look at our Partner Product Roadmap for 2023!

Case Study: Tomorrow’s Technology Today

For more than 20 years, Tomorrow’s Technology Today has been providing quality IT services, now serving Toledo, Findlay, Lima, Sidney, Troy, Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus and Surrounding Areas in Ohio. Tomorrow’s Technology Today suggests to customers that their business deserves more than just an “IT guy,” positioning themselves as a true technology partner who understands their […]

Zorus Network Security Release Webinar

MSPs have been dealing with medieval filtering solutions for decades. Zorus, the channel exclusive software company, offers an innovative solution with device-based security and content filtering that gives deeper insight than your typical filtering product. Zorus believes that device level filtering is the most hassle free filtering solution, but we understand it’s not always possible […]

Case Study: CMIT Solutions Fills a Key Need

Zorus Partner Case Study by Howard M. Cohen CMIT Solutions of Atlanta Southern Crescent provides IT consulting and computer support services to South Atlanta, Fayette, and Coweta counties and surrounding areas, including tech support, strategic advice, technological expertise, and the kind of insight and partnership clients expect from a trusted advisor. Specialties include new network […]

Case Study: Spidernet Selects Zorus

Zorus Partner Case Study by Howard M. Cohen Spidernet Technical Consulting, LLC (Spidernet) is a leader in Managed Technology Services for small to mid-sized businesses, focusing primarily on the planning, implementation, and management of cloud security services and appliances, Microsoft server technologies, and desktop, tablet, and mobile technologies.   Spidernet Solutions Architect Sean Lange had been […]

Zorus: The Client Experience – Real Testimonials!

Check out what our client, Michael Giovaninni of Network Solutions, has to say about their experience working with Zorus in this testimonial video. Discover how we helped his business provide better security for his clients and make his techs’ lives easier.

Help Your Customers Win the War Against Attrition

Losing superstar employees is not a fact of life– it’s a choice companies are making when they bury their head in the sand about employee retention. Why do otherwise smart, savvy business leaders allow expensive and disruptive employee attrition slow down their businesses? Leaders and managers feel like they’re bending over backwards trying to accommodate […]

What We Learned From Our Third Webinar About QBRs

In our third webinar searching for the perfect QBR, I spoke to Rob Rae, a former colleague of mine from Datto, and the current CVP of Communities and Ecosystem at Pax8. He’s excited to be in the midst of planning Pax8 Beyond, their first user conference (June 11-13, 2023), with a ton of amazing tracks, […]

The Perfect QBR: Episode 3

CEO Ian McChord chats with Rob Rae currently at Pax8 and a former colleague when they were at Datto together.

How Zorus Safeguards Internet Traffic Beyond Your Browser

In today’s digital landscape, organizations face a multitude of cybersecurity threats, making it crucial to have robust security measures in place. One such solution is a secure web gateway, which monitors and controls internet traffic to prevent access to malicious content or websites. We are proud to introduce Zorus, a product that not only checks […]

What We Learned From Our Second Webinar About QBRs

In our continued hunt for the perfect QBR, I spoke with Alex Farling, co-founder and channel chief at Lifecycle Insights. After owning an MSP for over 16 years, he ran with concepts grown out of his own frustration with QBRs to build a data consolidation tool that helps MSPs grow their businesses. The goal at […]

The Perfect QBR: Episode 2

CEO Ian McChord speaks with Alex Farling of Lifecycle Insights in our second webinar of our series of Searching for the Perfect QBR

4 Ways to Improve Your Next QBR

I’ve been in this industry a long time and I’ve noticed that managed service providers (MSPs) are constantly talking about QBRs. Do quarterly business reviews (QBRs) work?

4 Reasons Why Device Level Filtering Is Better Than Network Level Filtering

As cyber threats continue to increase in both frequency and sophistication, organizations must adapt their security strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Zorus Product Roadmap Q1: 2023

Get an insider look at our Partner Product Roadmap for 2023!

The Perfect QBR: Episode One

CEO Ian McChord interviews three MSPs in our first episode searching for the perfect QBR